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Hello  friends ,

   In this post i am going to tell u how to increase surfing speed . This Internet speed increasing Tutorial is divided into two parts.
In first part  i am going to describe  , how to  increase speed through 
               "Bandwidth Setting in windows" 
so lets start .
 Windows (7,8,xp) reserves the bandwidth of network up to 20% for its internal purpose ( i.e- window updates) . Due to this reason ,Internet surfing  on slower networks (i.e -2G , shared  network) becomes annoying .
This Post describes how to reset windows setting and  get full enjoyment of Internet.

Step 1 : Press (window + R)  ,  this will prompt Run Tab on screen ,then type "gpedit.msc" (without quotas)  and click on OK button.

Step 2 :  Now  this will prompt a new window called "LOCAL GROUP POLICY EDITOR".

      Step 3 :  Now  click on "Administrative Template". This will open new menu like this :

Step 4 :   Now click on   Networks > Qos packet Scheduler 

  Step 5 : Now a new menu will appeared . Click on "Limit reservable Bandwidth".
 Step 6 : A new  window will appear which shows bandwidth configuration of PC. Initially it will show configuration to "not configured" and Bandwidth limit to 80 or 0 like this : 

 Step 7:  Now , select bandwidth to enable and BANDWIDTH LIMIT to  0  
 Step 8 :Now click  on Apply  and  exit  from window.   That's it  ! we are done .Now  Restart your  system and u will  see a slight change( upto 20 % )  Internet speed.
*note :change of speed differs from system to system.   

We are working on  how to increase  speed of  DSL CABLE  and WI-FI  connections.  we will publish this in our next post. So  keep visiting .
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   That's all for this time .  Thank you for reading this .
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Anis Alam

I'm someone   who believes World Wide Web is the greatest thing Mankind have ever Invented.

 I'm the one who  Loves science because unlike religion, it is true whether  you believe in it or not. 

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  1. This is amzazing

  2. good one but doesn't increase speed that much!

    1. Speed is dependent on your internet pack..this will increase only 20% of that..
      Thanks for Sharing your View.
      Keep visiting For more

  3. Thanks for giving information,
    It's very useful Article for improve my slow internet speed.Now i have better internet speed.I checked my new net speed using I got good results.

    1. Thanks saurav... !!
      Glad to know that it helped you :)
      keep visiting !

  4. why is this not working in windows 7 home basic?

    1. Hii prakash... it works for all windows versions. And will you please elaborate exactly what problem you are facing?

  5. Great , i got success. Thanks admin.

  6. Great , i got success. Thanks admin.

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