How To Hide Data Behind Any Image

Hello friends Today I am going to discuss how to protect your data from any one without using any third party software.It is very important to hide your personal data,so i tried my best for protecting your data to any others.I have also explained in my other posts some other ways.In this article i will show you how to hide your data behind any image.
For This trick you will need any file archiver. for  ex. winrar or winzip or 7zip.
Now we start Trick.
Step 1: Convert your folder in to any archive file
for example i converted my folder into a rar file name "data.rar" and i have a image named "img.jpg" .
Note-these both file must be in same location.

Step 2: Now open command prompt and go to that location in command prompt.(shortcut-you can open command prompt in that location by pressing shift+right_click ).Type the following command

copy/b image_name.jpg+archive_file.rar any_name.jpg

copy/b img.jpg+data.rar new_img.jpg

Your data has been copied in to image..
Now you can delete your both old files your data has been stored in new image file.

Now how to backup your stored data in image file.
open command prompt and go to that location perform this command.

copy/b any_name.jpg any_newname.rar

i.e-new_img.jpg any_name.rar

Extract that file and your data has been backed-up.

thank you..
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Krishna Mohan Shakya

I am student Of BCA final year and a blogger.
my blog is all about computer tricks and hacks.
so get ready for more tricks.

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