How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for iPhone by IMEI Number

The iCloud lock issue affects millions of iPhone users around the globe. Generally, the most affected users are the ones who have fallen for old and used gadgets from internet markets, families, consociates or other second hand merchants.
Since they are not capable to use the regular technique for iCloud lock elimination which necessitates going to the nearest Apple service store they are unable to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and thus use their phone.

How To Change Drive icons,Removable Drive Icons,Control Panel Icon,Short-cut Icon From Single Tool

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 Welcome again on this tech blog, here i always try my best to give knowledge about some interesting and latest tricks. So today again i am back with another interesting trick.
 From this trick you can change your icons of your drives ,control panel , user name folder,document folder,favorites folder,music folder,videos folder.
You can also change your Computer's icon,recycle bin empty and recycle bin full icons,Desktops icon.
so how to do it?
answer is from a simple tool called "WinBubble.rar (354kb)".
look an screen shot of this software.

Hack Password of Any RAR / ZIP File

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Yesterday I downloaded an e-book from a random Website which was compressed as .RAR file. When i  Tried to Extract the file, It prompted a pop up message to input the password to unrar the file. Then I visited the website again to get the password and to get the password i must have to participate in online  survey . it was really frustrating so  i thought why shouldn't i try to crack the password of the Rar file. 
I found Quite a few methods to Crack the Rar file Password and i thought i should share this to my blog readers. So here i am with those tricks ,  so lets start  

  A RAR file  is actually a  collection of files or a single file compressed under WinRAR archiver . In order to secure the files under  this,  Some user put password into it.
Here are the ways to crack the password of the Rar file.

                        <=== Method - 1 ==>

  Step 1 :
    To begin the hacking process first you need to install WinRar Hacking Tool ( Click Here To Download )  

 Step 2  :  After the completion of download install the software and input the serial key from the text file and Launch it. The following Screen will    appear :

CamScanner | Turn your phone & tablet into scanner (Full Cracked+Premium)

*updated:22-nov-2014 version-3.6.1
Hello friends,

In this article I am going to present how to get camscanner (Premium version) for free,firstly I will introduce What camscanner is ? What is functionality of it? 

Cam scanner is android application from which we can scan our document very easily and it converts image file into pdf file.

Quality of scanned documents is very appreciative that's why I am sharing this 

Norton 360 For Unlimited Time period

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    I am back with another effective trick which most of people are looking for, that is how to use Norton antivirus  for unlimited time period.
first i will give brief description of Norton antiviruses.It was developed and distributed by Symantec Corporation.It is the best antivirus for malware prevention and removal during subscription period.
but after subscription it became worse so i am here going to share how to extend time period of Norton after end of subscription.After end of subscription it seems like this:-


Hello friends !!! Have you ever thought using your pc's Fast Internet connection onto your phone or making it share-able to use on other computers.  WIFI hot spot is the method that allows you to do so. There are many software's which allows you to create hot spot on computer but they are either costly or vulnerable to computer security(they may contain viruses or malwares) .In this post i am going to  explain the simplest possible way to create WiFi hot spot on computer.
You just have to follow the steps given below and you will create your own hot spot network software in no time .

How To Activate Windows 8 Permanently Using Command Prompt

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I hope you all will be fine.
As you know Microsoft has released their another version of windows (Windows 8)  in 2012.
I am using windows 8 believe me it is best operating system provided by Microsoft but problem is only 
of it's price.It is too costly to buy so i try to made it genuine with out paying money and found a easy method.
I am going to share it with you.If you are in search of activating of Windows 8 then it will very help full for you.Now start the trick.

INCREASE Internet Surfing Speed Upto 20% - I

Hello  friends ,

   In this post i am going to tell u how to increase surfing speed . This Internet speed increasing Tutorial is divided into two parts.
In first part  i am going to describe  , how to  increase speed through 
               "Bandwidth Setting in windows" 
so lets start .
 Windows (7,8,xp) reserves the bandwidth of network up to 20% for its internal purpose ( i.e- window updates) . Due to this reason ,Internet surfing  on slower networks (i.e -2G , shared  network) becomes annoying .
This Post describes how to reset windows setting and  get full enjoyment of Internet.

Step 1 : Press (window + R)  ,  this will prompt Run Tab on screen ,then type "gpedit.msc" (without quotas)  and click on OK button.